General Policy

1. General policy on agency development:

  • Building long-term business partnerships based on the commitments to collaborate and share goals.
  • Cooperation based on mutual benefit.
  • Regularly share information and timely support.
  • Policy support is equitable and reasonable throughout the distribution channel.
  • Maximum commitment secure for our agent against market fluctuations and competitions.

2. Conditions to become an Agent of Konox Vietnam Trading Company Limited

To become an agent of Konox Vietnam Trading Company Limited, business units must respond to these following conditions:

  • Having a business registration license under enterprise law.
  • Operating in the field of distribution: home appliances, kitchen support products, sanitary ware distribution, building materials
  • Having a stable and convenient place for business.
  • An entity must have financial potential and a wide range of relationships within its management.
  • Have the first order with a minimum value of VND 15 million at the exclusive price for Agents.
  • In other cases that do not have one of the above-mentioned conditions, but meet the physical conditions and in the area where the Company does not have an agent, the Company may also consider becoming an agent.
  • The decision of which entity becomes the agent of the company is made by the Director of Konox Vietnam Trading Company Limited.

3. Provisions on the agency level

Based on the achieved sales and the solvency of customers in each geographic area, Konox Vietnam Trading Co., Ltd. will decentralize agents.

  • Agent type 1: Being an agent with a monthly revenue of 40 million / month or the highest sales in a geographical area (province, city)
  • Agent type 2: Being an agent with revenue less than 40 million / month or with lower sales than Agent 1 with the lowest sales.

4. Responsibility of Agent

  • Displaying, introducing products, and doing market work to serve sales at agents.
  • Spending a certain area to display and introduce goods at the agent.
  • Not published or quoted on the mass media, not shared with third parties
  • Not arbitrarily changing the retail price on the agent’s communication channels as well as when selling directly to customers
  • Cooperating in implementing sales promotion programs of Konox Vietnam Trading Co., Ltd
  • Do not trade or distribute counterfeit products or counterfeit products of the Company

5. Agent’s benefits

5.1. Financial policy:

  • Based on the sales achieved in the month, your agent will enjoy the price policy for the respective agent level.
  • This pricing policy is independent and is carried out in parallel with other business promotion or support programs from Konox Vietnam Trading Company Limited for agents.
  • On the basis of the signed agent contract, the agent will enjoy the credit line with the debt period for the respective agent.
  • Based on the results of cooperation and payment history, agents will enjoy better preferential rates on credit and debt policies.

5.2 Marketing-PR support policy:

  • Agents are supported with POSM publications such as catalogs, leaflets, banners, … according to the programs of the manufacturers and the Konox Trading Company Limited Vietnam. Information about the agent will be advertised on the mass media and on the Company’s website.
  • The agent has the right to participate in all promotions and sales promotion of the Company.
  • Supported demo products at the agent’s store (with the agreement of both parties).
  • Agents are updated with information about prices, information about products, company and manufacturer policies, marketing programs, and sales promotion materials.

5.3. Policy on technical support – solution

  • Agents can get Technical assistance from the call center, TeamViewer, or on-site technical support upon request.
  • Agents can participate in periodic training courses on products, technology, and sales knowledge organized by the Company, or will have their own support if requested from the agent.

5.4. Return and exchange policy: Conditions for exchange, return goods:

  • The product is still in the period of exchange or return
  • Products are still intact, full boxes, bags, foam lining …
  • There are full accessories attached


  • Delivery term: Within the first week after purchase.
  • Exchange: Within 1 week from the date of receiving the order, the Agent will be able to exchange if the product is found to be defective or not as agreed upon by the manufacturer.


  • Delivery term: Within 7 working days of receiving the order.
  • Returns: In case of the quality or the price is not consistent with the purchase agreement, the agent has the right to return the product to the Company. Returns are made within 7 working days from the date of receiving the order.

In case the product is not eligible to exchange or return, depending on the damage condition of the goods, Konox Vietnam Trading Company Limited will decide to buy-back and reduce the value of the products.

In case the product is overtime for exchanging or returning products, Konox Vietnam Trading Company Limited has the right whether to buy-back or not.

5.5. Policy supporting regions:

  • If the customer contacts directly with Konox, The agent can have the price and information protection.